Here's what some of our customers have to say about our SRS products...


I have been using SRS500 for quite a few years and it truly is simply the best. Thank you for everything. Charlie Tackaberry, Tackaberry G and Sons Construction, Athens, ON

Tackaberry Truck

We purchased a 2005 Barrett trailer from a dealer in May of 2013. We used SRS500 and SRS520 to bring it back to looking new. After 14 years of using SRS products it still looks like new. We also use SRS on the side rails of our van trailers. We're extremely happy with the results we get with SRS. Our trailers look fantastic! R. Moffat, President, Marbett Transport Ltd.

I have been using SRS500 on my two trucks for about 10 years now. It does a great job of cleaning and shining the aluminum and stainless on my vehicles. I could not keep them looking as good as I do without SRS. I recommend this product to all truck owners. <em>Bill Kemp, Drain Brothers Construction</em>

Petrella Transport truckAs the owner of a contract hauling company, it's important that our trucks are clean and well maintained. We have used SRS500 on our vehicles for years. We're very happy with the results. Anthony Petrella, Owner, Petrella Transport Ltd.

I have been driving truck for many years and have been looking for an easy solution to keeping my truck clean and looking good on the road. My truck is my home on the road and I take pride in its appearance. After trying many different products, I finally hit on SRS400 and SRS500 and my life has become so much easier; no rubbing, just add the product when you pressure wash your truck and the chrome and aluminum shine like new. I couldn't be happier with the results I get using this product.

Not only is the product great but the staff at SRS are friendly and helpful. If you are a trucker looking for a great product and great service staff, you can rely on SRS. George Smyk of George Smyk Transportation Inc.

Marquis Trucking Truck
We're a proudly Canadian, family owned trucking company specializing in hauling bulk agricultural products throughout Ontario, Quebec and New York state. Our reputation as a professional and customer centric team is very important to us. We keep our rigs in pristine condition with SRS products, to exemplify our image. They're reliable products that produce excellent results for us. It's the best we've found by far. Jamie Marquis, Owner, Jamie Marquis Trucking Inc.

I have been using SRS400 cleaner for several years now. It has greatly helped my business by minimizing the need to physically scrub down vehicles. It cleans off the bugs, grime and dirt to leave an awesome shine! This product works every time, all the time! 🙂 Great company to deal with. Jean & Clint, Rescue Auto

Harold Marcus Truck, Before and After cleaning with SRS 500We've been in the trucking industry since 1946 and are pleased to service a wide variety of transportation requirements across North America. With a strong emphasis on maintenance and cleanliness, our customers can rest assured they have a modern fleet of stainless, aluminum, carbon, fiberglass, van, dump and roll-off trailers at their disposal. SRS500 and SRS520 are critical to helping us maintain that image. We're very happy with the consistent, exceptional results we get with SRS. Harold Marcus Ltd.