Non-Etching Cleaner and PolishTires, before and after

is a strong, yet environmentally safe brushless solution that cleans polished aluminum surfaces. It's non-etching formula makes it ideal for cleaning and polishing aluminum surfaces, white metals, chrome and ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as steel and copper. Use SRS500 for cleaning and brightening aluminum trailers or other exterior aluminum and stainless steel surfaces, such as heavy equipment, wheels, metal structures and much more. SRS500 removes up to 95% of surface oxidation and won't tarnish or dull wheels, fuel tanks, bodies, stainless steel or truck accessories, leaving a rich sheen behind.

SRS500 is a ready to use, biodegradable acid/surfactant formulation designed to effectively remove residual dirt, oils, road film, black welding and diesel soot, corrosion and oxide films from polished metal surfaces, without etching or pitting. It is designed for the retention of high optical reflectivity upon cleaning "Polished Aluminum" at the manufacturing level. Accessories such as paint, light accessories, reflectors, plastics, glass, brass, decals, logos, wood, tarps, mud flaps or rubber tires are not altered or marred by this chemical solution when used according to directions.

Trailer, before and after

SRS500 is available in 3 sizes - a large, 205l drum for industrial and shipping fleet applications, a mid-size, 20l container for mid-size facility applications and a convenient box of 4 - 3.78 litre containers for smaller use applications.

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Trucks cleaned with SRS500

Red Truck Before