Super Concentrate Truck WashWashing Truck

, with its high foaming, microscopic cleaning action, is an effective and safe solution to keep your trucks in pristine condition. It easily removes acid rain streaking marks, pollution film, grime and bugs, to leave a clean and shiny finish behind. The formula includes water softener for use with well water and to help prevent water spotting.

SRS 400 is great on vinyl, fiberglass, and metal siding. It's professional strength, non flammable solution is biodegradable and requires no scrubbing. It contains surfactants derived from natural plant sources, to restore original luster and deodorize as it cleans. Add to that that it's also non abrasive, clearcoat safe, body shop safe, and you have a cleaner that will fulfill all of your  truck washing needs!

Trucks cleaned with SRS400

SRS400 is available in 3 sizes - a large, 205l drum for industrial and shipping fleet applications, a mid-size, 20l container for mid-size facility applications and a convenient box of 4 - 4 litre containers for smaller use applications.

For more information and to request a quote, please Contact Us. We'd be glad to answer your questions and show you more on how to use SRS400!